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3. VALPARAISO Resguardo Embera Orquesta Filarmonica Indigena .png


We organize interdisciplinary artistic choreographies and performances where indigenous groups of America and young artists get together to promote their art and culture. 

Ph:  Resguardo Indígena Marcelino Tascón, Valparaiso, Antioquia, Colombia.


Our proposals are part of the new decolonial movement, rescuing indigenous thoughts and spirituality with dance and digital technology; inspired by the concepts of  the spiral, circularity, duality, and introducing the public to concepts such as the  principles of community life, the responsibility to protect each other, Mother Earth and  to preserve it for future generations.

Kiwe.Uaque from the South, Medellin, Colombia 2021_edited.jpg

Kiwe.Uaque is a dance piece around an art installation on the floor inspired in the metaphysical concepts of the circle, the cruz and the spiral from all the indigenous cultures of America.

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SIE Festival (AGUA.KO.WATER.) is a place for the exchange of ideas and ways of artistic expression centered in water, not only as a natural resource but also as the vital component of our internal and external ecosystems.

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EINA La Majajüt: Exalts the cosmo-vision and resilience of Indigenous Wayuu people. We want to show how ambition and greedmake nature sick and generate suffering in all the beings that inhabit it.


A hybrid international indigenous festival of media arts and dance. The Festival is an exchange of discussions, critical thinking, panels, conferences, combined with exhibitions, projections and performances.

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A multimedia work for children/youth featuring Indigenous dancers, performers, storytellers and music, to acknowledge Native American culture, issues and history, as how Mohawks built our city in the past and in the present.


The Festival took place in April of 2021, during the celebration of Earth Week in NYC, as a virtual contest. We launched a Festival of Indigenous music and dance with more than 40 artists from all over Indigenous America. 

AqAbAl Coopdanza,Inc the bat..png

Contemporary dance piece and video installation that explores the concept of “duality” in the Native Peoples of America: Maya, Wayuu, Muisca y Wiwa Native Cultures.

Where we work:

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