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"A story of generations that haven't forgotten"

-Premiere 2024 in USA-

Work in Progress


EINA La Majajüt: Exalts the cosmo-vision and resilience of Indigenous Wayuu people. We want to show how ambition and greedmake nature sick and generate suff ering in all the beings that inhabit it.

An interdisciplinary creation, exploring traditional Indigenous and contemporary languages combining mythical, historical, cultural and ethnographic elements. With traditional dances and visionary contemporary choreography, inserted on a video/sound piece.


A mixture of formats giving life to a dreamlike mystical universe, where fictional and fabled characters represent the fears and problems of the Wayuu peoples, as a result of the incursion of mining projects that affected the health and community life over 50 years. Created by Cristina Cortes and Valkis Herrera (Wayuu).

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