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"A story of generations that haven't forgotten"

-Premiere 2024 in USA-

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Premiered in Colombia

EINA La Majayüt: An interdisciplinary creation that explores traditional indigenous and contemporary verbal, visual, kinetic, and sonic languages, by combining mythical, historical, cultural and ethnographic elements of Wayuu culture. These are put in dialogue with traditional dances and visionary elements of contemporary dance, live music and lyrics within the video/ sound/sculpture on stage and on screen.


Eina exalts the cosmo-vision and resilience of Indigenous Wayuu people. We want to show how ambition and greed make nature sick and generates suffering in all the beings that inhabit it.


We will be giving life to a dreamlike mystical universe, where fictional and fabled characters represent the hopes, fears and problems of the Wayuu people. Currently the entire ethnic group is vulnerable to displacement, drought and famine, but this particular situation is just similar or identical to other Indigenous and vulnerable communities in South and Central America, or those in USA and Canada; Asia, Australia and Africa.

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