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Coopdanza, Inc is an Indigenous organization that produces interdisciplinary experiences based on the power of dance and digital storytelling, inspired by the wisdom of Indigenous cultures of America. Promotes local and international collaboration to create ARTivism, artistic montages, community and educational programs, to generate environmental awareness.


We educate the general public about the indigenous peoples of the Americas through free access to our digital stories and live shows. Most of our partners represent indigenous and immigrant communities, artists, ARTivists, environmentalists, academics, researchers, students, NGOs, campuses, university institutions, community centers, and public libraries.


We dream with  a resilient planet where all life is cherished and Indigenous values of harmony, balance and justice are respected.


  • Coopdanza, Inc is an interdisciplinary art, media and educational that produces dance and multimedia experiences inspired by the wisdom of Indigenous American Cultures.

  • Coopdanza engages in local and international collaborations to create ARTivism, performances, community and educational programs to generate environmental awareness. 

  • Coopdanza, Inc connects and collaborates with Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in the Americas to promote the wellbeing of the planet and prevent further environmental ravages.


Kiwe.Uaque from the South,  Arví Park, Colombia 2021.

El Venado.png

The Deer, Arví Park. 2021. 

Kiwe.Uaque from the South, Medellin, Colombia 2021. .png

 Kiwe.Uaque from the South, Medellin,  Colombia 2021.

Foto 3 prensa.jpeg

SIE Festival Clousure 2022 - Jorge Eliécer Gaitán Theater, Bogotá, Colombia.

Quetzalcoatl vs the Black Snake. Brooklyn Children Museum. 2019.png

Quetzalcoatl vs the Black Snake. Brooklyn Children Museum. 2019.

2. VALPARAISO Resguardo Embera. 2021.png

Resguardo Indígena Marcelino Tascón, Valparaíso, Antioquía, Colombia, 2021.

What we do

  • We educate general audiences about Indigenous peoples of the Americas through access to free  live art and videos. Most of our partners represent indigenous and immigrant communities, artists, ARTivists, environmentalists, scholars, researchers, students, NGO’s, campuses universities institutions, community centers, public libraries.

  • We create multimedia segments combined with contemporary and traditional choreographies that explore Indigenous urban cultures  with historical and traditional  and mythology. We mix moving images with contemporary atmospheres and rhythms, traditional ethnic sounds, and always include indigenous tongues in our audio tracks.

  • We expose environmental conflicts and the implications for all peoples while reinforcing Indigenous knowledge and heritage. 

  • Coopdanza’s  productions have a powerful on-stage presence supported by art, dance, spoken word, digital storytelling (video installations) and live music. 


We wan to... 

1. Use ARTivism to educate and inspire communities and audiences, so they become partners in restoring environmental order and justice. 

2. Institutionalize biannual festivals in NYC and Bogotá. 

3. Design training programs together with and focused on indigenous communities to promote cultural exchange and develop their artistic skills and cultural management. 

4. Create interdisciplinary dance and multimedia projects to continue building ‘transversality’ in art, directed to the youth, indigenous communities, and other groups.

5. Strength our digital presence at the international level with our repertoire of live performances and festivals that started back in 2005.


6. We want to promote our work through social media with the support of our institutional allies and artists


Excelence in the quality of each project, choreography, and digital story.

Responsability through environmental ARTivism  and the promotion of Indigenous ancestral legacy. 

Originality of performances, digital storytelling, and choreographies. 

Interest in and respect for the values of indigenous communities and the future generations of the Americas (indigenous and non-indigenous). 

Emocionality and dedication to connect diverse audiences sharing the same continent with one common goal: preserving our planet.

Passion for promoting exchanges among

artists from different cultures and Indigenous communities.

Mexhica dancer at Eagle Condor Swap Program Indigenus Festival 2016 at John jay

Our History

Coopdanza started as a collective initiative in 2001 when a group of dancers got together to start a dance cooperative that would provide work safety insurance to those belonging to it. Although the effort didn’t succeed, its leader, Cristina Cortes, got inspiration to start a dance company.  She envisioned the new organization as a collective effort between communities and art disciplines and kept the original name. Today, Coopdanza focus its efforts in working with indigenous communities and was incorporated  in New York State  between 2011-2012.


By 2019, Coopdanza Inc has produced 15 multidisciplinary artistic creations with indigenous artists mostly from the communities of Lakota, Mohawk, Mexica, Maya, Taino, Cherokee, Passamaquoddy, Mapuches, Nasa, and Yanacona.  In 2019 Coopdanza Colombia was created and together with Coopdanza Inc,  serves as a bridge that connects indigenous communities from the North and South America.


Coopdanza aims to connect ancestral traditions and contemporary dance through the use of digital technology as a way to reach new generations. Since its foundation, Mrs. Cortés has been its executive director divides her time between Colombia y New York. She personally directs, designs, and produces indigenous festivals such as SIE in Bogotá and MNI in NYC.


Coopdanza, Inc creates and promotes ARTivism thanks to the support of different organizations in Colombia and the United States. These organizations have trust in Coopdanza and believe that people of the Americas should be encouraged to dialogue and promote environmental awareness among all the communities in the continent. 

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