​Coopdanza, Inc is an organization with an itinerant structure that works with artistic projects in various indigenous territories and communities. It's board is composed of indigenous and non-indigenous artists, teachers, scholars and cultural managers that have been working for over ten years with it's sister organization Coopdanza, Inc/USA, a non-profit organization registered in the State of New York.


The organization researches the Myths of the Origins of America nourishing and living the corporality and ancestral memory of the native people by recreating their territories, their ceremonies, their rituals, customs and artistic expressions.

Coopdanza, Inc / Colombia goal is to create local and international collaborations to promote ARTivism ( do activism through art) assembling artistic performances with emphasis in communitary and educational dance and multimedia projects for indigenous communities and other minorities.

We will support cultural and learning activities from the perspective of the legacy, wisdom and history of the Indigenous Cultures of America to promote access to all communities to different cultural expressions, to strengthen their participation in national and international culture and to give visibility through their present and future historic value.

Our Work 


Contemporary dance piece and video installation that inquire in the concept of “duality” in the Native Peoples of America.

AQ'AB'AL is a symbol of both light and darkness simultaneously, it represents the sunrise and the sundown, it's the halo made by the first sun rays that jump behind the mountains to dissipate gloom and the blackness of the night.


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KIWE.UAQUE 'in the South'

Kiwe.Uaque is a dance piece inside an art installation inspired in the metaphysical concepts of the circle, the cruz and the spiral from all the indigenous cultures of America. The original play was develop as part of a creative laboratory directed by Cristina Cortes in New York City and was premiered in Queens Museum in 2018.

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Coopdanza, Inc/Colombia