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ARTivism with our COMMUNITIES

Environmental ARTivism with digital storytelling and live dance from an indigenous perspective.

Photo: Jessica Trujillo & Adriana Castañeda at "Eina la Majajüt" Colombia, August 2023.

Upcoming Projects in 2023


La Majajüt

EINA La Majajüt: Exalts the cosmo-vision and resilience of Indigenous Wayuu people. We want to show how ambition and greed make nature sick and generate suffering in all the beings that inhabit it.

Los Güecha (Warrior in Muixca language)

It is a  dance performance within an interactive audiovisual experience, for conventional, alternative and/or virtual space that allows a connection among the dancers and the video-art installation accompanied by live traditional sounds, rock and heavy metal music, lyrics in ancestral languages, video/stage-mapping, 3D, VFX.

Mohawk Iron Workers in New York

An interdisciplinary work for children/youth featuring Indigenous dancers, performers, storytellers and music, to acknowledge Native American culture, issues and history, as how Mohawks built our city in the past and in the present.

MNI(Lakota word for water)
Indigenous Dance and Media Arts Festival 
October 2022, New York, USA.

SIE(Muisca word for water)
Indigenous Dance and Media Arts Festival
April 2022, Bogotá, Colombia.

unnamed (2).png

Eina La Majajüt: the grandmother Walekeru blessed by Pui (tree of yellow flowers). Animation by Steven White.


Coopdanza, Inc/USA is honored to be a @DanceNYC #DanceAdvancementFund grantee!

The fund is made possible by the generous support of Howard Gilman Foundation and @FordFoundation! Recipients receive 2-year general operating support.

​In 2023 Coopdanza's Media and Development Programs will be possible thanks to the sponsorship from the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.

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