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Los Güecha

B'alam & Nimy & Yai Cohamacù: Los Güecha are cosmic warriors (cultural practitioners/jaguars/guardians of life). Beings that inhabiting an atavistic, urban and futuristic universe.

They intertwine past, present and future through ancestral knowledge and messages, illuminating and generating hope and reconciliation among beings of the world.


It is a dance performance within an interactive audiovisual experience, for conventional, alternative and/or virtual space that allows a connection among the dancers and the video-art installation accompanied by live traditional sounds, rock and heavy metal music, lyrics in ancestral languages, video/stage-mapping, 3D, VFX.


The Jaguar is a magnetic subject that attracts general audiences from children to seniors, both non-Native and Indigenous.


Our program would be a great opportunity to fuse ancestral traditions,history and oral stories with Video/StagMapping, Mixed Reality, Expande Audiovisual Scenography, 3D, VFX.

Music of
Los Güecha

Music by Gailor Sánchez & Leon "Cuauhtonal" Benavides (Apache/Mescalero) 

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