VIDEOS from 2006 to 2016

TATANKA for children 2016).    Featuring Lance White Magpie and Gabriel Nieto. Choreography by Cristina Cortes.Video installation by Orisha Franklyn and Cristina Cortes. Artistic Residency at PS 19 in Corona, Queens.



Produced in New York, Mapuche communities in Santiago de Chile and U'wa Territories in Colombia. Video editor: Carolina Cortes. Dancers: Gabriela Alvarez, Lorenza Aillapan, Genesis Paichil and Cristina Cortes. Created by Cristina Cortes



A techno- tribal, dance, spoken word & video experience, featuring Multicultural Speaker Bobby Gonzales, music from Chris Noxx, John Trudell. Artistic Direction and Choreography by Cristina Cortes.

EL RETORNO DEL CONDOR  (2011)      Excerpt of video installation

Video Installation by J.F Pardo, Direction by Cristina Cortes and Arnulfo Gamboa. Dancer: Cesar Perez Ullune.


 AMERINDIANS: the return  (2008)

(excerpt) Created by Cristina Cortes, Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Lance W Magpie, Alessandro Blini and Dan Goldman. Dancers: Layla Ahmadi, Larissa Cazoux, Ernesto Mendoza and Rob Fernandez. Choreography by Cristina Cortes.

AMARUKA (2006)

Music and voice over by Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Choreography by Cristina Cortes,.

Dancer: Gabriel Zaragoza