Indigenous Festival: MNI (water in Lakota language) 
in October, 2022
New York 

A hybrid international indigenous festival of media arts and dance. The Festival is an exchange of discussions, critical thinking, panels, conferences, combined with exhibitions, projections and performances. Through an open call curated by Indigenous artists, scholars and presenters, we will be receiving applications of pieces in the following formats: film; photography; video; digital arts, music production, 3D design, animation and interactive media. Also we will get proposals of Indigenous traditional and contemporary dance with pieces inspired on water and women. MNI: Indigenous Dance and Media Arts Festival  is scheduled to start in the fall of 2022 and is expected to be live in-person in the United States in the East Coast: New York City, Philadelphia and Cornell University in Ithaca and will virtually partner various presenters around the world.

Our festival and inspiration this time is filled with global Indigenous water perspectives that will bring together diverse technical, cultural, artistic and environmental worldviews related to water and women, how our global survival will depend on the possession, the access and the protection of this precious resource.

Indigenous Festival:  SIE
(water) in Muisca language

in April, 2022
Bogotá, Colombia  


Excerpts of Media Arts  and  Video Dance from Festival SIE  

 Honoring our Indigenous artists (live dance)  at Festival SIE  

Behind the scenes Festival SIE 

Thanks to the support from the Cultural and Educational Grants Program, thru the Embassy of the United States in Bogotá, the festival hosted an Artistic Residency with two American indigenous and Ecological artists in Bogotá, who  collaborated with 25 indigenous and contemporary dancers from Colombia, engaging  in a creative process that allows them all,  to build and strengthen intergenerational and multicultural bridges between North/South communities; and foster environmental awareness and educate our audiences about the Indigenous Worldview of the Americas.


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