La Majajüt 

A story of generations that haven't forgotten

EINA La Majajüt a story of generations that haven’t forgotten is a media arts project that seeks to generate a reparative process of memory of the  Wayuu indigenous communities that live in the region of

La Guajira in the northeast of Colombia.

It addresses the particular universe of the indigenous daily life between their weavings or knitting, their knowledge, customs and ancestral traditions, which is constantly impacted by the new economic, social and environmental forms that arise with the arrival of mining in the territory; making the entire ethnic group vulnerable to displacement, drought and famine.


This case, although particular, is not far from the conditions in which other communities find themselves in other areas of Colombia, such as Antioquia, Cauca, Caldas, Putumayo, as much as vulnerable communities in the Amazon Forest, Canada, USA, or Africa.

Considering this, EINA La Majajüt a story of generations that haven’t forgotten, collects the historical memories of struggle and resistance led by women, men, girls and boys from the territories to safeguard the uses and customs of the Wayuu culture, where the elements  (water, traditional knowledge of plants, earth) are the main engines sustaining their struggle against the impact of mining projects on their territory and lives.

"Exalting the deep resilience of the Wayuu people and amplifying their voice in search of truth, justice, reparation and non-repetition". (Words by Wayuu activist and feminist Jazmín Romero Epiayú).


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