Coopdanza, Inc is an interdisciplinary art, media and educational organization that produces dance and multimedia experiences inspired by the wisdom of Indigenous American Cultures. We engage in local and international collaborations to create ARTivism, performances, community projects and public education programs that generate environmental awareness and social connectivity.


We expose environmental conflicts and it's implications for all peoples while reinforcing Indigenous knowledge and heritage. Since 2006 our productions had a strong live artist presence on stage supported by spoken word, video installations and live music.

Between 2006 and 2019 we created arts and education programs in Public Schools funded by LMCC in 2004 and  2005; produced Amerindians: the return, 2008; The return of the Condor, 2011 (funded by NMAI/Ford Foundation); Moving into the Fifth Age, 2012-13 (funded by Dance USA); Oil Spill at Indian Land, 2014 (funded by Puffin Foundation); B'alm Ajpu (funded by Queens Council of the Arts 2016) for the Indigenous Festival E.C.S.P  in partnership with the Anthropology Department at John Jay College, CUNY; Tatanka vs the Black Snake (funded again by QCA 2017 and in partnership with the Queens Public Library).


In 2017 we received our first grant from DCA/CDF of the City of New York to outreach underserved populations with our Educational Programming and to support the inception of a new environmental children friendly piece: Quetzalcoatl vs the Black Snake.

In 2018 we created Kiwe/Uaque a site-specific piece at the Queens Museum of Art in October 2018, funded by QCA/NYSCA, Communities Arts Program and by DCA/CDF.

Since 2019 Coopdanza/USA has a sister organization Coopdanza, Inc/Colombia, both organizations have separate governance, funding and budgets, we collaborate sharing programmatic activities, staff, artists, website and social media.


For 2019-2020 Coopdanza launched its second Indigenous Festival of academic and artistic exchange: Pikajiraa Süma The Festival was funded by NEA and LMCC, that due to the Covid-19 crisis was postponed until April 2021.


In 2020 we re-positioned  Kiwe.Uaque from the South, in collaboration with Universidad de Antioquia and the Support of Ministry of Culture of Colombia and created a new piece: Aq'ab'al: the duality. 


In 2022 we organized two Indigenous Festivals: SIE  (water in Muisca language) in Colombia in April and MNI (water in Lakota language) in USA in October 2022.